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We are a high end Empire raiding guild from Age of Conan primarily composed of working and mentally stable adults. We are governed by a small group of long time members rather than a singular leader; subsequently, we are drama and d-bag free. We are not overly large, but typically have 10-15 players online during non-raid times during EST evenings and weekends. We are one of, if not the most, active and and long standing Empire PvE guilds on this server. We've been in tact since pre-launch and remain unaltered in name, leadership, and activity. Additionally, we persisted in Age of Conan for many years prior to the launch of SWTOR.

We feature a five bay bank and a weekly allowance of 30K for regular raiders and PvP'ers to cover repairs and upgrades. Additionally we provide alt and lesser-geared raids 1-2 times a week contingent upon attendance, a Republic and PTS guild, an active website, and a Ventrilo server.

We are currently recruiting as many capable and geared DPS as possible for progression raids on Tue-Th-Fri. We could also accomodate one geared healer and one geared tank. Please contact me in game or through this site for more information.

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